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Setting out as SG K-Wave, the established kpop-centric community website has now extended its scope to cater to a more diverse crowd. We hope to garner even more support with this rebranding of Japarang, and continue to be a lively and informative portal for all!

SG K-Wave, As Featured In Channel NewsAsia

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I post a review on Japarang?

You can sign up for an account and search for a listing to start writing a review.

How does Japarang rank listings?

We rank listings based on the information provided from user feedback. Our algorithm is based on three key ingredients: the quality, quantity, and recency of reviews.

Why should I trust Japarang reviews?

All reviews are written by members of our community, and go through our automatic and manual screening to filter suspicious content. Fake reviews, spam and other malicious content will be systematically removed. Listings who break our content integrity guidelines will have their ranking penalised.

Does Japarang remove negative reviews?

We know that people rely heavily on reviews when making decisions. Japarang will never allow businesses to influence ratings or even remove reviews.

I am a listing representative and I suspect that a non-customer has written a review regarding my business. What can I do?

If you feel that a review is not genuine, please kindly contact us here.

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