[BEAUTY] K-Beauty Trending #1: The Little Touches That Matter

[BEAUTY] K-Beauty Trending #1: The Little Touches That Matter

Eyebrows With A Soft Arch

Eyebrows are one of our most important features, as it frames our faces and are no different from the finishing touches to a masterpiece. Your looks can change depending on how you draw them on, sometimes vastly.

Although Koreans have been known to keep their make-up as light as possible, they are also known to put extra effort into drawing on straight and full eyebrows while keeping them natural. It has been a go-to for a while now because it makes one look younger, which aligns with the looks that Koreans generally go for: innocent and puppy-like.

However, arched eyebrows are making a comeback – but with a Korean spin to it.

We keep the straight and thick eyebrows but instead of keeping the ends completely straight as well, we do them with a slight droop. The slight difference may not seem like much but it does give a little oomph to the usual way of drawing them on.

Of course, our faces are different from one another and eyebrows are not a one-size-fits-all deal. So go ahead and experiment with the different ways you can work the arch into the natural shape of your eyebrows!

Image credit: Pony’s Instagram

Velvet Lips That Are Slightly Overdrawn

Nah, we are not talking about Kylie Jenner’s kind of overdrawing your lips here. We are talking about slightly dabbing or rubbing (with your fingers) your lipstick over your natural lip line. Key word: slightly.

This usually goes hand-in-hand with lip colors that dry down matte or velvety, as the non-shiny finish is what gives the look of softness. It is not that much an additional step to the usual routine, neither does it require technique. It is just a different way of finishing and is very easy to achieve.

Instead of cleaning the edges and making sure that it is precise, we gently press the tips of our fingers over our lips, during which some of the lip product will spread beyond our natural lip line (usually the top lip). It is up to personal preference to keep with the usual gradient lip look or to keep it a solid shade.

Psst, there happens to be a lot of lip products out now that give a velvety finish and here are some of our personal favorites!

Image credit: 3CE

Translucent Glass Skin

Glass skin – that is what they call it – has been hot on the trend for a few months now. It is a term for the skin that Koreans are very known for: clean, translucent and dewy.

While it generally comes down to a good skincare routine, it can also be achieved through make-up. Here are some tutorials that we found to be helpful in achieving glass skin:

If you are blessed with good skin, the following tutorials by IAMKARENO and HYULARI will be perfect for you!

Fret not if you have less-than-perfect skin! Glass skin is still achievable and these tutorials by Liah Yoo, Joan Kim and Edward Avila will show you just how!

It is important to take into consideration the climate of Singapore (hot and humid) and our skin types, so adapt accordingly!

Blush Of Innocence

It is no secret by now that it is how you go about each step of your make-up routine makes that makes the difference. This is the same for blusher. We are seeing more make-up looks that concentrates blusher in broad strips across the cheeks, instead of around and towards the temples.

We will let Pony show you the know-hows and how-tos!

Psst, you can also dab a little blusher over your nose bridge to give a cute drunk look!

Eyes That Sparkle

Glittery and sparkly eye-looks are still part of the eye make-up trends in Korea. In fact, we can even say that it is a staple make-up look for them. It is neither overwhelming nor over-the-top and is definitely a look that we can rock in Singapore!

The trick is to keep the eye make-up light and muted, before sweeping a layer of glitter or sparkly eyeshadow over. Depending on how intense you want the sparkles to be, you can apply a thin or thick layer.

In terms of eyeshadow products, we find that Korean brands are (mostly) more sheer and easier to work with than Western brands. It is not that the latter does not work, it just means that we need to work with a lighter hand.

Tutorial by Pony.

Tutorial by areumsongee 아름송이.

Tutorial by bbeyeliner.

Have you tried any of the K-beauty trends? Whether you have or have not, which one is your favorite? If there is any product or brand that you’d like to recommend (for achieving any of the above looks), feel free to also share them with us!

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