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List of Japanese Food Kiosks & Takeaway in Singapore.

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Our Japanese quick-food concept was born out of our love for sushi, sashimi, bento and Japanese food. Our dream was to satisfy people’s craving for quality and delicious Japanese food without burning a hole in their pocket. With this simple thought …

Hooked on Squids!!!

Originated from Thailand, Kanemochi is a popular dessert chain which specialty is mochi ice cream. Imagine a harmonious combination of flavorsome ice cream wrapped in a sticky rice confection, all resulting in a tantalizing bite-sized happiness. The…

Yakitori is a very popular dish in Japan. Many working people likes to grab a yakitori and a beer from yakitori stalls on the way home from work. Yakitori is also a common, cheap accompaniment to beer in izakayas. In order to produce the freshest…

Mazazu Crepe is the Singapore franchise of the Japanese crepe chain, Mother’s Crepe and Cafe. It is managed by a homegrown Singapore business, A Sweet Tooth LLP. Mazazu Crepe aims to provide delicious yet healthy products that reflect every…