[COVERAGE] GOT7 Keeps Ahgases’ Eyes On Them

[COVERAGE] GOT7 Keeps Ahgases’ Eyes On Them

The night was off to an explosive start as the seven-membered GOT7 burst onto stage with a string of energetic performances, including Hard Carry, Skyway and Out.

They stopped briefly to greet Ahgases, with Bambam taking the lead and saying “Hello la~”. He later explained that they have to wait for Yugyeom, who has gone backstage for a change of clothes because he had ripped his pants from dancing too hard. The Thai member kept things light-hearted, joking with the fans about taking them out to dinner (for chilli crab and pepper crab) before chirping, “but you know it will never happen~” and making everyone burst into laughter.

The concert continued as soon as Yugyeom was back on stage with them. Performances included Paradise, Prove It, Hey and Firework, after which they properly greeted Ahgases.

Since it has been two years since their last visit to Singapore, the group apologised for taking so long to return (for a concert) and promised to not let Ahgases wait this long again until the next time they are back.

The conversation shifted to the topic of what they liked most about Singapore; Yugyeom said that he likes chilli crab but likes even more dipping bread into chilli crab sauce. JB, leader of the group, answered that he likes the fans here. We also learned that Jackson likes the night safari (everyone cracked up at his answer).

The concert also included a video segment on their thoughts on their latest album release and concert tour, during which the group shared that they want to do well only for Ahgases. They also chose songs written by each other as their favourite songs, amongst which included a song written for Ahgases by Jinyoung.

They also weaved their performances into a short cartoon (story is about a couple who has grown estranged but decided to work on their relationship together again), with the male lead voiced by Jinyoung.

There were also subunit performances, getting everyone pumped up, before the pace of the night slowed down with Thank You (the song for Ahgases).

GOT7 thanked Ahgasaes for the last time before being surprised by a fan video project prepared by Ahgases. The concert then ended with a round of encore performances, including the remix version of Look and Fly.

Japarang would like to once again thank ONE Production for extending an invitation to us.

Photography Credits: ONE Production

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