[COVERAGE] Lee Seung Gi Shares Thoughts On Vagabond, Cooks For Fans And More In Singapore Fan Meeting

[COVERAGE] Lee Seung Gi Shares Thoughts On Vagabond, Cooks For Fans And More In Singapore Fan Meeting

For Airens that missed out on 2019 LEE SEUNG GI ASIA FAN MEETING in Singapore, don’t feel sad about it just yet! Keep scrolling as we will be sharing a rundown of what went on during the event!

This is the 32-year old singer-actor’s fourth time in Singapore, one that is a little more memorable as this time around it is Lee’s 15th anniversary since his debut. Kickstarting the event with “Because You’re My Girl”, Airens welcomed Lee with lightsticks and, of course, phone cameras raised in the air as his voice serenaded the crowd.

As he began to interact with the crowd, apart from introducing himself in Singlish, Lee also shared that one food that he must eat when he is in Singapore is fried mantou dipped in chilli crab sauce. Judging from the laughter in the audience, this came as a surprise to many fans as many would say laksa or the actual chilli crab (and not its sauce) as their must-try Singaporean food. But for the actor, he explained that fried mantou is actually something that is difficult to find in Korea.

What Are Lee’s Thoughts On Vagabond?
Moving on to the topic of his latest drama, Vagabond, Lee was asked which was his favourite scene from the broadcasted episodes so far. Playing Cha Dalgeon, a stuntman who loses his nephew in a plane crash, the actor replied honestly that there were just too many to choose from. But in one of the scenes in the very first episode where he had to chase down a man, he found that particularly impressive.

A video of Go Haeri (played by Bae Suzy) and Cha Dalgeon kissing started playing on-screen, getting a lot of reaction from the crowd. When it came to how it was like doing kissing scenes, the actor shared that he had a lot of thoughts about it. The kiss had to be simple and graceful as if he kissed like how it is done in real life, now that should not be shown on television.

“Did u feel scared while filming Vagabond?” was another question the host asked the actor. In response, he said that there is one scene where he has to break a type of material known as “sugar glass”. While it was fake glass, he was still scared that it will scratch his face. He mentioned that the scene may not have been aired yet so for all Airens, keep a lookout for this particular scene in the upcoming episodes.

Another fun behind-the-scene fact was that in his headbutt scene with a stack of bricks at an audition for a stuntman job, the bricks were, in fact, made of styrofoam. This required more effort from Lee to make it look like the hit was a powerful one when it was actually not the case. That’s what we call skill, don’t you think?

While the actor went backstage, a six-minute-long greeting video was played. This featured congratulatory greetings from fellow celebrities such as co-star Lee Hong Ki in 2017’s A Korean Odyssey, girl group Iz One where he hosted Mnet reality competition show Produce 48 for and not forgetting Bae Suzy, his current co-star. Park Min Young, a fellow cast member in Netflix’s “Busted” Season 2, also shared her support on his fan meeting. On this note, the second season of Busted will be premiering on 8 November 2019, so let’s wait in anticipation for that!

Fan Interactions
Lee returned back on stage, this time with a “Date with fan” segment. Putting on an apron and rolling up his sleeves, his eyes scanned through the ingredients in front of him. He sheepishly admitted that he did not plan the menu for the day but after some thought, he slowly said that he will be making Korean-style toast with Western fusion. With the smell of his omelette wafting in the air, we were told that one lucky fan will be able to walk away with this delicious lunchbox.

While we watched as he playfully added a little too much salt, he chipped in, “Wait a little longer, it will be delicious.” With confidence, he even rated his cooking a good 9.5 over 10. While cooking up a storm, he shared that the dishes that he is confident in making are steamed galbi, pasta and stir-fried rice cakes, more commonly known as ddukbokki. Cutting the toasts, not one but two lucky fans were able to taste the actor’s dish. In fact, of the two that came on stage, one shared with the host that in Lee’s previous fan meeting, her husband had proposed to her with Lee’s help! They now have a three-year-old kid!

All Good Things Must Come To An End
Lee was about to take a photo with the audience when the screen in front of him played a video made by Singapore Airens. Lee said that he was really touched and thankful to all his fans even though he only visits once a year. With that, he promised to work harder and greet fans with better projects. He may even come privately to Singapore to visit so fingers crossed for that, let’s start prepping our stash of fried mantous for the actor *winks*

As the fan meeting slowly comes to an end, Lee wraps up the event with “Return” and “Smile Boy”. And as the actor said, “There is so much much to expect other than kissing” in Vagabond, so let’s continue showing him our support! Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to this space for the latest news on everything Japanese and Korean.


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