[ENTERTAINMENT] CELEBRITY SIGHTING: What were Kevin Woo and Kim Jong Kook up to in Hong Kong?

[ENTERTAINMENT] CELEBRITY SIGHTING: What were Kevin Woo and Kim Jong Kook up to in Hong Kong?

Filming for upcoming Viu Original ‘No Sleep No FOMO’, that is!

Hong Kong enjoys its fair share of celebrity spotting, and a couple of weekends ago, the Pearl of the Orient welcomed Korean stars Kevin Woo and Kim Jong Kook onto their shores to film for the upcoming Viu Original, ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ with veteran host Paul Foster.

Casting aside what most travel shows do – paint a rosy picture of experiencing everything that a city has to offer, each episode of ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ drops the show’s host and one celebrity guest into an amazing city and gives them a list of must-do things to see, do and eat within sixty hours and without any sleep.

Here are some of the places where eagle-eyed fans might have spotted the cast doing:

  • 1. Attempting a lion dance
    A familiar sight in the Lunar New Year festivities, the lion dance is traditionally performed to bring in good luck for the coming year and to scare away evil spirits. Here, Paul Foster and Kevin Woo attempt to pull off a move – will they succeed?
  • 2. Savouring Hong Kong’s famous egglets
    The humble Hong Kong egg waffle, otherwise known as egglet, is a familiar street food made from rich egg batter cooked in a hot griddle with round cells. Not to be missed out on in any trip to Hong Kong, the cast savoured every bit of it – even health-conscious Kim Jong Kook gave it a try!
  • 3. Drinking snake soup
    Unusual as it sounds, snake soup is a popular Cantonese delicacy and health supplement in Hong Kong. With its origins dating back to the Warring States period, the dish has been lauded in the Chinese culture for its alleged medicinal benefits and high nutritional value. How will a foreign cast react to the uniqueness of the soup? Too strong? Too sweet? Too bizarre? We will find out soon on ‘No Sleep No FOMO’.

‘No Sleep No FOMO’ is hosted by entertainment industry veteran Paul Foster (Singapore), and each episode features guest appearances by regionally-known influencers such as Hana Tam (Hong Kong), Laureen Uy (Philippines), Benjamin Kheng and Nat Ho (Singapore), Eric Nam, Kevin Woo and Kim Jong Kook, (South Korea) and Taya Rogers (Thailand).

Besides the cast sharing their own behind-the-scenes takes on social media during production, fans are given the power to influence the show’s direction and the cast’s actions when they take part in polls or respond to questions posted by cast members on their social media accounts. This means plans are subject to change, with many plot twists in the show.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the latest deets on ‘No Sleep No FOMO’, remember to follow the hashtag #ViuNoSleepNoFOMO on Instagram!

‘No Sleep No FOMO’ will premiere on Viu in early 2019

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