[ENTERTAINMENT] Durians, fried insects and penis worms… Some fear-inducing missions the stars of Viu Original ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ went through!

[ENTERTAINMENT] Durians, fried insects and penis worms… Some fear-inducing missions the stars of Viu Original ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ went through!

Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

If you only had 60 hours to spend in a city, what would you do? Just ask the stars of all-new Viu Original, ‘No Sleep No FOMO’, where host Paul Foster and his celebrity guest co-host aim to check off a list of 60 FOMO (“fear of missing out”) missions – the ultimate ‘to-do, to-see, and to-eat missions’ for today’s modern traveller – to discover new adventures, explore interesting locations, experience local delicacies within 60 hours with no sleep and non-stop fun! Here’s what went down in episodes 1 to 3, and what we can expect from episode 4 this week!

New episodes of ‘No Sleep No FOMO’ are available on Viu every Friday, 8pm.

Episodes 1 & 2: Malaysia & Singapore
Available on Viu
Guest-starring Eric Nam (Korea)

If there is anything new the world needs to know about Eric Nam, it is that durians are his nemesis. Having competed with Paul in a gruelling 60-hour journey that saw the stars carry offerings up to Batu Caves, feed pigeons, crash a traditional wedding, purchase a mix of unusual and everyday items at Mustafa Centre catch animal sightings at Pulau Ubin, and many more, the episodes culminated in a climax where Eric had to begrudgingly sample “squishy” durians.

Episode 3: Thailand
Available on Viu
Guest-starring Taya Rogers (Thailand)

Chiang Mai, known as Thailand’s rose of the North, sets the backdrop for this episode of ‘No Sleep No FOMO’, where Paul and guest co-host Taya Rogers charm locals with their easygoing nature and “can-do” attitude. The duo’s competitive streaks are out as they attempt to outdo each other in ricepounding, cook street food, sample fried bugs, eat pad kee mao, a noodle dish filled with 40 chillies, and cliff-jump at the Grand Canyon Water Park.

Lastly, look out for the risqué moment between Paul and a ladyboy!

Episode 4: Korea
Available on Viu from 5 April
Guest-starring Laureen Uy (Philippines) and Nat Ho (Singapore)

Penis worms take centre stage in this episode of ‘No Sleep No FOMO’, as we eagerly anticipate the trio’s reactions to this unusual health delicacy. Other highlights of the episode include skiing and snowboarding – Laureen and Nat’s maiden attempts – drinking tea with the grandson of the last emperor of Korea, learning to make kimchi and many more! Don’t be fooled by their gentle appearances – the competition is strong among the three!

A pan-regional Viu Original production, No Sleep No FOMO is a brand-new social media-driven reality travelogue hosted by entertainment veteran Paul Foster (Singapore), as he is joined by some of the hottest influencers and stars including Hana Tam (Hong Kong), Laureen Uy (Philippines), Benjamin Kheng and Nat Ho (Singapore), Alexander Lee Eusebio, Eric Nam and Kevin Woo (Korea), Taya Rogers (Thailand) and special guest, muscle-man Kim Jong Kook (Korea).

Each episode will showcase a familiar city with a refreshing twist as they take the road less travelled while being aided by tips and recommendations from local fans. Join the stars on their travel adventures and keep your eyes peeled to your screen as they race against the clock in each episode to complete as many missions as possible and earn full boasting rights as the winner. No Sleep No FOMO is as real as it gets as fans will see a side of their favourite influencers and stars that has never been seen before!

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