[ENTERTAINMENT] Reel Love To Real Love

[ENTERTAINMENT] Reel Love To Real Love

Hot on the heels of the success of their drama, which recently finished airing, are rumours that the leads of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? are dating. In fact, they have already been dating for years!

Fans, for the most part, have been supportive but both Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young have dispelled the rumours, stating that they are not dating. Netizens, however, are quick to scour through their Instagram accounts, pointing out several posts that seemed to coincide in timing and location.

One cannot deny their sizzling chemistry, whether they are dating or not. Good news if they are indeed in love, no big deal if they are not (and it gives us the perfect excuse to rewatch What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?). But did you know that they are not the first onscreen couple that developed their reel love into real love? Here are some of the couples who also met on the set of their dramas!

1. Song Joong Ki + Song Hye Kyo aka Song-Song Couple

Perhaps the couple that comes first to mind when on the topic of reel life turned real life couple is the beloved Song-Song couple. They worked together for Descendants Of The Sun, after which they were also immediately plagued with dating rumors. They did, indeed, begin dating after the drama before surprising everyone with an announcement of marriage.

The couple has been under the radar since their marriage in 2017 but are each returning to the small screen with dramas. Song Joong Ki will be reuniting with Lee Ji Won (who was also in DOTS) while Song Hye Kyo will be joining forces with Park Bo Gum, a close friend of her husband.

2. Ahn Jae Hyun + Goo Hye Sun

The couple met on the set of Blood, a 2015 drama with supernatural themes, and dated for a year before getting married. Ahn Jae Hyun is known to be extremely doting and loving towards Goo Hye Sun, often causing netizens to gush over their relationship.

3. Lee Min Ho + Park Min Young

The pair dated for a year after their 2011 drama, City Hunters (which was also very well-received), citing their busy schedules as reasons for their breakup.

4. Nam Joo Hyuk + Lee Sung Kyung

Fans of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo were delighted when it was confirmed that the leads were dating. They were first colleagues in modelling and good friends, before falling in love. It was a short-lived romance, however, as they also confirmed that they have broken up months after.

5. Ji Hyun Woo + Yoo In Na

The Queen In Hyun’s Man leads started dating after the drama in 2012, after Ji Hyun Woo confessed to Yoo In Na during a fanmeet. They had amazing chemistry that showed in the drama and fans were delighted to hear that she accepted his confession. They dated for two years before breaking up in 2014, after he enlisted.

6. Ki Tae Young + Eugene

Fans of Superman Returns will know that Rohui’s parents, Ki Tae Young and Eugene, also met on the set of a drama, got together and married. They met in 2009 while filming Creating Destiny. He didn’t take long to pop the question and they got married in 2011, prompting many of Eugene’s fans (she is a member of well-loved first-gen girl group S.E.S) to say that he has stolen their fairy.

They welcomed their first child, Rohui, in 2015 and with whom they appeared on Superman Returns. They recently welcomed their second child, also a daughter. We’d like to congratulate the couple on having two beautiful daughters!

7. In Gyo Jin + So Yi Hyun

Another couple that was on Superman Returns! They worked together twice in 2008 (Aeja’s Older Sister, Minja) and 2012 (Happy Ending). They got married in 2014 and appeared on Superman Returns in 2016 with their daughter, Ha Eun, who they welcomed in 2015. Fans will remember In Gyo Jin as an emotional father and sweet husband who often teared up. The family recently welcomed a new addition: a younger sister for Ha Eun!

8. Ji Sung + Park Bo Young

Another very well-loved reel life to real life couple is Ji Sung and Park Bo Young, also known as the power acting couple. Despite meeting in 2004 on the set of Save The Last Dance For Me, they started dating only four years later. They tied the knot in 2013 and welcomed a daughter in 2015.

Ji Sung is also known to dotes on his wife a lot. Did you know that Park Bo Young did not like him at first and that it took him three months to ask her out?

9. Yeon Jung Hoon + Han Ga In

The two of them were actually childhood friends! They worked together in Yellow Handkerchief in 2003 and promptly started dating after. Yeon Jung Joon, widely known for his role in Prosecutor Vampire, wasted no time in proposing to Han Ga In and the pair got married in 2005. He has since been tagged as the “National Thief” (all in good fun, of course) for stealing one of Korea’s most beautiful actresses.

They welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on 2016 after 11 years of marriage. It wasn’t a smooth journey, as the couple suffered a miscarriage in 2014.

10. Lee Dong Gun + Jo Yoon Hee

Lee Dong Gun received much flake for making his new relationship public right after confirming his break-up with Ji Yeon (member of girl group T-ARA). The actor met his wife, Jo Yoon Hee, on the set of The Gentlemen Of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop. They got married soon after confirming their relationship and also welcomed their first child in the same year.

These couples did not meet and fall in love while filming a drama, but they did while working together!

* Taeyang + Min Hyo Rin

One of the most well-loved couples in Korea! People supported their relationship and were overjoyed when they announced their marriage plans. The pair has since tied the knot in February 2018, with Taeyang enlisting in the army in March.

They met while filming the MV for 1AM. She is his first love and he often refers to her as “The muse who inspires me”.

* Jun Hyun Moo + Han Hye Jin

An unexpected but very sweet couple! The pair are currently working on “I Live Alone”, where they met and fell in love. Co-host Park Na Rae shared that she had her suspicions about them, saying that she could tell that something was up.

Congratulations to the couple, who realised their feelings while working on their dance for the entertainment awards!

* Junjin (Shinhwa) + Lee Si Young

They were casted in We Got Married and started dating while filming for the program. They broke up months later.

Which of these dramas and programs have you watched and which couple is your favorite?

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