[F&B] Besides Miyazaki beef, Sushi Tei brings the best of Miyazaki Prefecture’s produce for a limited time only in a special menu

[F&B] Besides Miyazaki beef, Sushi Tei brings the best of Miyazaki Prefecture’s produce for a limited time only in a special menu

This is the first time Miyazaki Perfecture has partnered exclusively with a restaurant in Singapore to showcase their produce in a single menu.

Singapore (18 December 2019) – Most people know the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan for its beef but it’s also known for much more on the palate front, including its Budou (Grape) pork, and ample seafood like Hotate (Scallop), as well as Hebesu Buri, aka the citrus Japanese amberjack. Let’s not forget its native Hyuganatsu, a local citrus fruit, whose flesh is juicy and sweet with a slightly sour taste.

For a limited time only from 18 December 2019 onwards, taste a special menu utilizing Miyazaki’s most prized ingredients as mentioned above and more at Sushi Tei, who has worked hand in hand with the Miyazaki Prefecture to continue to bring a taste of Japan to you. This is the first time the prefecture has partnered exclusively with a restaurant to showcase their produce in a single menu.

Fried Mehikari (left) and Sashimi Moriawase “Aoshima” 4 Kinds (right)

The special winter menu highlights star ingredients like the Fried Mehikari ($9.80), a plate of crunchy golden Greeneye fish tempura. Its name Mehikari translates to mean ‘shining eyes’ in Japanese, due to the deep sea fish’s large luminescent eyes that look like they are lit in green and blue light, thus its English name. Naturally found in the waters of Miyazaki, it is tastalising with a rich flavor laced with the prized sea sweetness of seafood from the region.

Adding to the colourful seafood offerings is the Sashimi Moriawase “Aoshima” 4 Kinds ($25.80). Featuring Hebesu Buri, the sweet and creamy amberjack is laced with natural citrus punch, lending the perfect amount of acidity to the dish.

Nanban Chicken

Miyazaki also has a chicken dish of its own, the Nanban Chicken ($10.80). Deep-fried to the perfect golden brown, it is lightly dipped in sugared vinegar for extra crunch and then finished off with a tartar sauce topping that lengthens its savouriness with each bite. It is prepared exactly like it is in eateries throughout Miyazaki for an authentic taste.

Pearl Negitoro Maki

There’s also the Pearl Negitoro Maki ($13.80) made with buttery negitoro tuna that is pearlescent to the eyes thanks to the perfect layers of well-balanced fat and lean meat. Served with ikura roe, it is a maki roll inspired by the vibrant seafood scene of Miyazaki and a local favourite back home.

Miyazaki Wagyu Beef and Budou Pork Meat Gyoza

Pork lovers will relish in the Budou pork, served as slices of pork in a Budou Pork Don ($12.80) or as Miyazaki Wagyu Beef and Budou Pork Meat Gyoza ($10.80). The pork garnered its reputation as ‘grape pork’ due to the addition of grape husks that are added into its feed, rendering the pork sweeter in taste and smoother in texture. The grape husks are from grapes used to make a local Aya wine, a popular spirit throughout Japan.

Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Steak Flambé

Miyazaki’s proudest export – the Miyazaki beef – is served as a breathtaking Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Steak Flambé ($29.80). Air-flown Mayazaki A4 Wagyu beef is served lit on fire, flambéed by means of whisky poured over it and then torched for a subtle peaty char. The creaminess of the beef’s perfect marbling is enhanced by the whisky and slight smokiness, promising a delectable way to enjoy the prized beef.

For a sweet end, sample an ice cream you will not find anywhere else – the Hyuganatsu Ice Cream ($4.50), made from the local Mandarin orange found only in Miyazaki and which ripens only in the warmth of summer. Known nationwide as a pure Miyazaki-born fruit, it is fragrant from skin to flesh, and is edible right down to the peel.

To introduce the menu, the Miyazaki City Mayor, Tadashi Tojiki, also flew in to personally introduce the ingredients and their specialties. The City Mayor, who is also the chairman of MiyaPEC Promotion Association Inc, was in town with a host of other VIP dignitaries who each personally walked the members of the press through the many prized produce from Miyazaki from its beef and pork to seafood and produce.

This special menu featuring Miyazaki’s best produce and ingredients is available beginning December 18, exclusively at Sushi Tei outlets across the nation.

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