[F&B] Don & Tori

[F&B] Don & Tori

NOVEMBER 2017 – Tucked away at 74 Tras Street, Don & Tori is a modern Japanese restaurant that strips away the traditions of Japanese cuisine and serves Japanese inspired cocktails. Don & Tori is a complete and dynamic culinary experience.

Don & Tori’s extensive menu features an innovative list of signature donburi bowls and makis, as well as yakimono (grilled or pan-fried) items and creates a serene Japanese inspired dining enclave in the heart of the Central Business District.

Pleased to be joining the long list of culinary heavyweights on Tras Street and helmed by Chef Jack Chang under the guidance of renowned local chefs Raymond Tan and Max Lai, Don & Tori’s delectable menu showcases departure from traditional Japanese cuisine with instant favourites like Sakura Ebi Angel Hair Pasta ($32) and Truffle Wagyu Foie Gras Don ($38). Other dishes such as the Gyu Steak ($45) and the Scallop Butter Yaki, which are cooked over an open charcoal grill, are a treat for the more traditionalists.

Flown directly from Japan’s iconic Tsukiji Fish Market, Don & Tori’s seasonal menu is unique and produce-driven, utilizing the freshest possible ingredients as they come into season. With a live sushi bar, diners are able to witness firsthand the kitchen’s undoubted knife skills that are a spectacle to watch.

Paired exquisitely with the food, a small, punchy cocktail menu holds its own with a Japanese twist on classic cocktails. Drawing on unexpected savoury ingredients such as salmon and wagyu, as well as more traditional flavours like yuzu and sakura and house-made syrups, Don & Tori’s cocktail menu takes you on a mouth-watering journey. Further premium Japanese sake and shochu varieties are also also available on hand for the more discerning of drinkers.

Don & Tori is now open, serving you lunch and dinner daily from Monday to Saturday from 12pm onwards.

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