[F&B] Experience the Charm of Authentic Izakaya Culture at Amazing Hokkaido

[F&B] Experience the Charm of Authentic Izakaya Culture at Amazing Hokkaido

Besides fresh produce flown in daily from Hokkaido, the newest addition to Robertson Quay will also serve up heaps of fun and laughter

  • Amazing Hokkaido offers 10cents side dish top up with every bowl of Bursting Ikura Bowl purchase (available until 30 April 2020)

SINGAPORE, 19 September 2019 – Welcome to the newest after-work hangout in town – Amazing Hokkaido – where the service is warm, and the atmosphere always cheerful. Amidst blaring Japanese tunes and incessant chatter, smiley wait staff scurry in traditional garb to serve up menu delights flown in daily from Hokkaido, a region well-known for its fresh seafood.

The establishment stands out in the dining enclave that is Robertson Quay, with its entrance dotted by bright lights and lined with noren. The interior of the 100-seater is just as charming, with colourful fabric and posters of Hokkaido all around; reminiscent of a bustling izakaya in Japan. To the side, its windows are plastered with a huge sticker featuring a rice bowl with overflowing ikura and a caption that reads “Every day! Hokkaido Food Fair” – and that, is exactly what it aims to be.

Behold a plethora of Japanese offerings – just like a food fair – at Amazing Hokkaido. The Japanese-owned themed izakaya works with a special selection of gourmet partners – Kaneshime Takahashi fishing company for its sashimi, Yamamura seafood processing industry for its fresh seafood and Sasaki Farm, which specialises organic greens – to bring you the freshest of produce from the Northern region of Japan, daily.

Muroran Yakitori, a classic Hokkaido skewer dish with an 80-year history

The Muroran Yakitori ($3.90++), a famous Hokkaido dish, is one not to be missed. Although yakitori refers to ‘grilled chicken skewer’, the Muroran Yakitori is a grilled pork and onion skewer that is enjoyed best with mustard. This melty skewered pork dish originated 80 years ago from Toriyoshi, a classic grill restaurant in Hokkaido.

Melty 7 Kinds of tsukune, served with a variety of savoury toppings

It may be little known, but Hokkaido is the birthplace of yakitori. Hence, be sure to try the rest of the skewers on the menu, especially the range of tsukune. The Melty 7 Kinds of tsukune ($28.90++) are served with a variety of toppings such as mentai mayo, fondue cheese and wasabi, for that extra kick. For those with adventurous taste buds, the Bibai Yakitori ($4.90++) is your best bet. It features chicken breast, gizzard, liver, and heart – ensuring no part of the chicken goes to waste!

Get set for a fiery performance when the Hokkaido Wagyu Steak ($23.90++) arrives to the table. The steak will be set ablaze on a lava stone plate, adding a hint of smokiness and caramelisation to the dish. An assortment of condiments such as yuzu kosho (yuzu chilli paste), sea salt, wasabi and steak sauce will be served alongside for added flavour in every bite.

Sashimi-eating made fun with the Tokujo Assorted Hokkaido Fresh Sashimi platter

Seafood lovers are in for a treat, as they eat their way up the Assorted Hokkaido Fresh Sashimi ($69.90++). Served up on a structure shaped like a winding staircase, the platter includes sashimi favourites such as tuna akami, fatty tuna, scallop, sweet shrimp and sea urchin. Add an element of fun at the table by ordering the Bursting Salmon Roe Rice Bowl ($39++), and whip out those phones to capture the sights and sounds of servers chanting enthusiastically to live taiko beats, as they heap spoonful after spoonful of umami-laden ikura upon your rice bowl!

Fresh organic vegetables chock full of natural flavours, specially imported from Sasaki Farm

For those looking for a light meal, your best bet would be Sasaki’s Farm Organic Vege Salad ($15.90++). Sasaki Farm employs recycle-based agriculture, which brings out the best in crop vitality. Satiate your taste buds with freshly imported organic produce from the farm. Chock full of natural flavours, their greens will delight even the pickiest of eaters. Other side dishes such as the Hokkaido Fried Potato with Seaweed & Mentaiko Mayonnaise ($10.90++) make great booze accompaniments.

Say “kanpai” with 1 litre Pirate Highballs, amongst an extensive drinks list

Expect booze options to be extensive at an izakaya like this, from the quintessential sakes to shochus, and Asahis to highballs. Quench those alcoholic thirsts with the 1 litre Pirate Highball ($18.90++) and try your hand at getting some free drinks with the Highball Dice Game! It’s all fun and games at Amazing Hokkaido, so mark this place for your next fabulous night-out with your mates!

At Amazing Hokkaido, you may choose any one of the 4 sides for only $0.10 when you purchase the delicious bursting ikura bowl!

Terms & Conditions:

  • $0.10 side dish only valid for one (1) of the 4 side items available
  • One (1) bursting ikura bowl entitles you to only one (1) side dish top up
  • Offer valid from 21 March until 30 April 2020.

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