[F&B] Get in the Mood for Love at Popular Hokkaido Café Baristart Coffee with their Limited-Edition Valentine’s Day Specials

[F&B] Get in the Mood for Love at Popular Hokkaido Café Baristart Coffee with their Limited-Edition Valentine’s Day Specials

From left to right: Kuma Parfait & A4 Tokachi Wagyu Pie

SINGAPORE, 7 February 2020 – Forget the traditional ephemeral flowers this year! Say ‘I love you’ a more playful way this Valentine’s Day – through the cute flirtatious heart-shaped foods at Baristart Coffee. The popular Hokkaido café, best known for its offering of BIEI Jersey Milk with exceptional Hokkaido milk quality, is serving up two limited-edition Valentine’s Day Specials from now to 29 February 2020.

Kuma Parfait (S$12.80)

Traditionally in Japan, women present chocolate gifts to men they admire on Valentine’s Day as a way to express their fondness. This Valentine’s Day, ditch the boring box of chocolates and impress your beau with Baristart Coffee’s Kuma Parfait.

Using the specially imported Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk, the dessert presents with layers chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, raspberry, strawberry, cookies, chocolate milk pudding, cream, chocolate cake crumbs and crunch caramel.

The best way to say I love you is with dessert. Even Cupid himself wouldn’t be able to resist this cute Kuma Parfait.

‘You Stew My Heart Away’
A4 Tokachi Wagyu Pie (S$19.80)

Looking to beef up this Valentine’s season with your date? Here’s one all-time favourite comfort food to share!

A medley of A4 Tokachi Wagyu beef cubes, broccoli, carrot, cherry tomatoes are braised in coffee and beef broth, creating a ultimate savoury and tender stew that is then topped with a crusty, flaky puff pastry cap. The pot pie is served with Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk mashed potatoes seasoned with pink pepper and cherry tomatoes on the side.

Don’t miss the pair of cute puff pastry hearts this dish comes with – a perfect treat for Valentine’s Day!

Both treats are exquisitely created by in-house pastry chef Emi Sasaki to celebrate Valentine’s Day season with finesse.

The Kuma Parfait is available at both Baristart Coffee, Tras Street & Baristart Coffee, Siloso Sentosa; while the A4 Tokachi Wagyu Pie is exclusively available at Baristart Coffee, Tras Street.

About Baristart Coffee

Hailing all the way from Hokkaido, Japan, Baristart Coffee first started out in June 2015 as a simple coffee stand where one can hear all about the milk produced in Hokkaido and its relation to the coffee scene in Japan. Today, Baristart Coffee has evolved into a lifestyle café serving up a full-range menu. From coffee to desserts and savouries, Baristart Coffee prides itself on its use of pure uncompromising quality of Hokkaido dairy that is both rich and creamy with a tinge of sweetness.

The name “Baristart” comes from the words that consists of Barista, start and art. “Start” comes from their desire to nurture professional baristas who get their ‘start’ at Baristart Coffee. It’s other meaning, “Art” also meant that it is a baristas’ duty to make tasty coffee with beautiful latte art. The team behind Baristart also explore farms and dialogues with both producers and customers to ensure the quality of coffee. They value these dialogues about coffee and everything that goes along with it. The baristas share their passion for coffee with customers both from Japan and from abroad as they go about their day. It is their aim to make coffee a part of customers’ daily lives just as much as it is a part of theirs.

Baristart Coffee, Tras Street
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm, daily
Address: 65 Tras Street Singapore 079004

Baristart Coffee, Sentosa
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm, daily
Address: 40 Siloso Beach Walk Singapore 098996

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Baristart-Coffee-Singapore-239801243463838/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/baristartcoffee_sg/
Hashtag: #baristartwithcoffee

About Yuuki Takeuchi
Baristart Coffee is led by its very own Global Chief Barista, Yuki Takeuchi. Through his passion in the dairy industry and his excellent latte art skills, he has earned multiple accolades over the years such as achieving 1st place twice in ‘UCC Coffee Masters Latte Art’ in Japan and ‘Coffee Fest World Latte Art Championship’, Best of 16 globally.

Being born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan, he was also the resident milk connoisseur of Baristart Coffee and has gained thorough understanding of Hokkaido dairy and livestock industry – which he had carefully selected the highest quality milk through his multiple visits to several farms around the region. Yuki will train and mentor the team of Baristas in Singapore to ensure a constant outstanding quality of beverages served.

About Emi Sasaki
Emi Sasaki graduated from a top culinary school in Hokkaido and started her career as a Pastry Chef. Having specialized in both Japanese and Western desserts, she dived into the confectionary scene since then for the past 14 years. Her passion has brought her to the northern part of North America, Canada to the southern pacific, Australia which had taught her a diverse cultural taste of confectionery. Drawing from both East and West, her recipes reflect her culinary inspirations and her penchant for combining rich, diverse flavours.

With her extensive experience in food and pastry collectively, she now leads and train Baristart Coffee Singapore’s team as a pastry chef produce an impeccable quality of sweet delights.

About Naoki Nakatsuka
For the Osaka-born Naoki Nakatsuka, a chance encounter with a latte art champion from Seattle during his undergraduates studies in Melbourne, Australia back in 2012 ignited his passion for coffee. Impressed with the refined coffee culture in Australia, he started his journey to master his craft by spending years working as a barista after graduation in Australia and in Kyoto, Japan.

As part of the pioneering team at the famous Kyoto café, he brings with him an extensive experience in café management, from the setting up of a café to the use of right café equipment and the training of staff. His next 2-year stint as a sales lead selling espresso machines enriched his portfolio further.

His passion for people, food and coffee, combined with his holistic experiences working as a barista and a sales lead for espresso machines led Naoki Nakatsuka to a career in Baristart Coffee Singapore as the Operations Manager, supporting the café’s expansion plans in Singapore. Prior to this, he was the Operations Manager of Baristart Coffee Japan, in-charge of all outlets in Japan.

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