SINGAPORE, 23 May 2017 – Haráru Izakaya is Singapore’s first Muslim-owned Japanese Izakaya. Specializing in Japanese grilled cuisine using traditional charcoal grills, Haráru Izakaya hopes to deliver an authentic food as well as ambience experience whilst maintaining the standards required of a Muslim-owned establishment.

Set in the heart of the Arab quarter – a stone’s throw away from the renowned Kampong Glam and Haji lane, this double-storey restaurant’s centrepiece is its ground floor bar boasting skylight access and an array of non-alcoholic beverage choices, where diners can also choose to sit at to interact with the bar staff. Murals of recognizable Japanese landscape and icons by artist Belz Hermann adorn the walls on both levels. Diners are treated to depiction of traditional Kyoto alleys, Mount Fuji, as well as vintage Japanese dwellings and houses as they walk through the restaurant.

The other feature of the restaurant is the traditional tatami dining room on the second floor: an expansive 30-seater air-conditioned dining area where diners will get to experience tatami seating in comfort. Guests will be invited to remove their footwear before entering the seating area.

Likewise, the food that Haráru Izakaya serves seeks to deliver authenticity in taste. Its signature dish is Gyu Nitsuke, or stewed tender beef ribs, a nimono (which refers to stewed or simmered dishes) dish where the ribs are cooked for 8 hours until tender.

Other features include a range of kushiyaki (grill on a stick) staple such as:
• Diced wagyu beef skewer (Wagyu Kushi)
• Quail egg skewer (Uzura)
• Chicken thigh (Momo)

Other more familiar charcoal-grilled dishes that diners can expect are:
• Grilled mackeral with salt (Saba Shio Yaki)
• Grilled eel in teriyaki sauce (Unagi Kabayaki).

Haráru Izakaya also offers its signature line of non-alcoholic mocktails, notably:
• The Matcha Egg – an icy blend of Matcha, milk, and egg white
• Japanese Twisted Chendol – a drink version of the traditional local dessert

Opened throughout the day, Haráru Izakaya’s opening hours are as follows:
Mondays to Sundays & Public Holiday’s eve: 12pm – 11pm (last order at 10pm)

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