[F&B] Missing Bubble Tea? Milksha’s Signature Beverages Are Now Available for Islandwide Delivery Via Yum Cha’s Delivery Website!

[F&B] Missing Bubble Tea? Milksha’s Signature Beverages Are Now  Available for Islandwide Delivery Via Yum Cha’s Delivery Website!

Enjoy the brand’s fresh, handmade beverages with Yum Cha Express’s delightful dim sum
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  • Milksha has one of the largest numbers of bubble tea outlets across Taiwan
  • Voted No. 1 by Taiwan’s University Students

SINGAPORE, 30 April 2020 – Craving bubble tea while staying at home? Good news – now you can get your hankerings quelled as Milksha’s signature bubble tea offerings are available for islandwide delivery! Voted No. 1 by Taiwanese university students and loved by all in Taiwan, the brand’s offerings are handmade with 100% fresh milk and all-natural ingredients such as the sugar from sugar canes. No preservatives, chemical ingredients or artificial colouring is used in the beverages.

Some of the signature drinks available for delivery are as follows:

  • Fresh Taro Milk : Sweet and velvety, this beverage is made with unique taro from Dajia (大甲), Taiwan. The taro is mashed by hand daily, then blended with fresh milk. It’s like drinking Orh Nee straight from a cup!
  • Brown Sugar Milk with Honey Pearls: To create this drink, pure brown sugar is first mixed, heated, then stir-fried instore, before its liquid form is mixed with milk. The freeze-dried honey pearls imported directly from Taiwan undergo a 2-hour long tedious cooking process to achieve its signature translucent see-through outlook and its incredibly chewy texture.
  • Earl Grey Latte: One of the crowd favourites. This beverage features Sri Lankan earl grey leaves that boast an earthy and fragrant note, providing a clean and smooth finish.
  • Refreshing Orange Green Tea: Whole oranges imported from Taiwan are juiced, and mixed with aromatic green tea. This refreshing concoction makes for the perfect beverage to be paired with the moreish Dim Sum.

These and other Milksha’s beverages such as Fresh Milk with Honey Pearl, Green Tea Latte, Earl Grey Tea and Green Tea, and not forgetting the signature Honey Pearls are available for order on Yum Cha Express’s website: www.yumchaexpress.com.sg.

Accompany Milksha’s beverages with Yum Cha and have a sublime dim sum cum bubble tea session!


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