CHIKIN (meaning “chicken” in colloquial Japanese) is a modern IZAKAYA serving delectable small plates, yakitori flavoured with Szechuan peppercorn, a delicious range of sake, soju, cocktails, & a whole load of fun.

The second bar by lifestyle group Coterie Dining Concepts (who entered the bar scene in 2015 with Cantonese Tapas bar SUM YI TAI), CHIKIN was conceived with the aim of amping up the Izakaya experience.

CHIKIN is guided by the goal of creating good times. Spread over a three-storey shophouse dressed in Japanese pop art themed murals, CHIKIN consists of a neon lit long bar on the ground floor, lounge-like Izakaya dining on the second floor, & an attic equipped with karaoke system. Drink, eat, sing the Izakaya way!

Standing outside CHIKIN, guests first get a sense of the quirkiness that characterises the Izakaya as a window display of monochrome Japanese character stuff toys stare out into the street. Accentuating Chikin’s fun-filled vibe are interior wall installations custom designed by veteran Creative Director Cheah Wei Chun, who makes use of fashion, music, art & cartoons to create a 1980s Japanese pop culture nostalgia.

CHIKIN is the first Izakaya in Singapore to combine the flavours of Szechuan shao kao with the art of Japanese yakitori. Its skewer menu offers 12 different parts of the chicken, vegetable, beef, pork kushiyaki, & more unexpected items like foie gras. All skewers can be ordered in traditional salt & tare, or in Szechuan mala sauce. Side condiments like Wasabi Salt & House Spice add to the fun!

While Szechuan mala skewers sets CHIKIN aside from other Izakaya joints, its small plates menu is also a huge draw. Musttries include Thinly Sliced Salmon Cartilage in Spicy Sauce, Raw Octopus in Wasabi & Marinated Egg Yolk, Tonkatsu Bites, & Butano Kakumi (24 Hour Braised Pork Belly).

Its classic Chikin Karaage and flavourful Unagi Garlic Fried Rice are crowd favourites, & dishes such as Grilled Dried Kawahagi (file fish), Chikin Skin Chips & Umami Fries, are
simply addictive!

As an Izakaya, CHIKIN designs its food to be enjoyed with a side of alcohol.

Guests will find a comfortable variety of beer, sake, soju & spirits on our drinks menu. There is definitely something for everybody from Japanese beer to ultra-polished sake to flavoured soju.

There is also a great selection of highballs & cocktails, created by Group Chief Bartender, & award-winning mixologist, Sam Wong. Expect Japanese twists such as the Kyoho Highball & the Gin-Ginseng infused cocktail.

CHIKIN is all about having a good time. We encourage guests to make friends with other guests, share some laughter & create memories.

CHIKIN is opened from 5 pm to 1 am on weekdays, & from 6 pm to 1 am on Saturdays. On Sundays, it is closed.

Coterie Dining Concepts, co-founded & co-managed by Ms Tay Eu-Yen & Ms Sandra Sim, sets out to surpass convention by bringing good Asian food into the modern bar scene. Well known for its popular Cantonese Tapas bar Sum Yi Tai, on Boon Tat Street, Coterie’s vision is to modernise the way we experience Asian cuisine, without westernising the food.

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