[F&B] Preserving Singapore’s Food Heritage: Monga SingPost Centre Launches Local-Inspired Monga Fried Chicken with Hainanese Chicken Rice Boxes & Brand New Hot Chilli Sauce

[F&B] Preserving Singapore’s Food Heritage: Monga SingPost Centre Launches Local-Inspired  Monga Fried Chicken with Hainanese Chicken Rice Boxes & Brand New Hot Chilli Sauce

Other store-exclusive items include brand new Taiwanese Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Teas

Monga Crispy Chicken Rice Box (left); Monga Nuggets Rice Box (right)

  • Monga Singapore’s first dine-in outlet at SingPost Centre opens with store-exclusive Monga Crispy Chicken Rice Box and Monga Nuggets Rice Box
  • A brand new home-made Hot Chilli Sauce, specially concocted to suit the Singaporean palate, will be available at all Monga Singapore outlets from 9 March
  • Savour brand-new store-exclusive Taiwanese Bubble Milk Teas featuring Green Dragon (matcha) and Black Dragon (oolong)
  • Monga SingPost Centre’s Opening Promotion: From 10 to 15 March, order any Monga Fried Chicken cutlet and be entitled to 10cents only top-up of chicken rice (rice+achar+chilli sauce only) and a drink

SINGAPORE, 9 March 2020 – Backed by popular demand and the support of loyal fried chicken fans after its opening in JEM Shopping Mall and ION Orchard, Monga Singapore is opening its first dine-in outlet in SingPost Centre this 9 March.

Diners can now experience Monga Singapore’s dine-in experience complete with a first in the world, SingPost Centre-exclusive menu items – Monga Crispy Chicken Rice Box and Monga Nuggets Rice Box – priced at S$6.90 per box. Carb lovers can now have the best of both worlds where fragrant chicken rice is paired with their favourite fried chicken. A full and hearty meal awaits diners where they can choose from Monga Crispy Fried Chicken (2pcs) or Monga Nuggets (6pcs) as mains alongside fragrant chicken rice, achar, and Monga Singapore’s newest in-house addition, an exclusive hot chilli sauce.

With months of research, numerous modifications, and nights of burning the midnight oil, the in-house chilli sauce is made especially for those who love dipping their proteins with spicy sauces. A concoction of lemon grass, garlic, chilli and a secret ingredient, this hot chilli sauce will be available at all three outlets from 9 March onwards.

The Taiwanese fried chicken brand Monga is created by Nono, a well-known Taiwanese artiste and comedian known for his charm and quick wit. Together with Mingdao Liu, king of Taiwanese Fried Chicken, they created Monga. Nono himself, when visiting Singapore, will always have his fill of Hainanese Chicken Rice and considers the national Singaporean dish his favourite. This will be the first of Monga’s local Singaporean series with many other exciting ones in the pipeline.

Monga’s 3pc Combo

Apart from the Monga Fried Chicken Rice Box, Monga Singapore will start to offer meal-for one, buddy meals, and party pack options for fried chicken lovers. They will be offering 2pc Combo ($8.90) and 3pc Combo ($11.90) which comes in a full meal consisting of Monga Crispy Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Japanese-Sauce Salad, and a Soda. There are two party-pack options where diners can opt for the Family Combo ($24.90) or Party Combo ($42.90) where Monga’s perennial top-favourite and best-selling items will be included – no items will be left behind!

  • 2PCS Combo S$8.90 – 2pc Monga Crispy Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, and a Soda.
  • 3PCS Combo S$11.90 – 3pc Monga Crispy Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Salad, and a Soda.
  • Family Combo S$24.90 – 6pc Monga Crispy Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, 2 Salads, Monga Nuggets (6pc), and 2 Sodas.
  • Party Combo S$42.90 – 10pc Monga Crispy Chicken, 2 Sweet Potato Fries, 2 Salads, Monga Nuggets (12pc), 2 Fried Chicken Skin and 4 Sodas.

Black Dragon (left); Green Dragon (right)

Monga SingPost Centre will also offer store-exclusive Taiwanese brown sugar bubble milk teas which come in two exclusive flavours, Black Dragon and Green Dragon, priced at $4.20 each. The Black Dragon is oolong tea-based whereas the Green Dragon is matcha-flavoured.

Global Sensation

Created by Taiwanese comedian and TV host, NONO, together with Ming Dao, the King of Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Monga has generated snaking queues since its opening in JEM with a record breaking sales among its 100 other outlets in the world; attributing its popularity to its fresh, tender, and juicy 2-cm thick-cut chicken fillets that is unlike any other fried chicken brands out there. Established in Taiwan, the brand boasts over 45 outlets in Taiwan itself with numerous outlets worldwide such as Canada, the U.S.A, the U.K., Philippines and Malaysia.

Queue-situation in Monga JEM (left), Nono and Liu Mingdao in Monga JEM (right)

Trusted recipe and unique cutting procedures to achieve the next-level fried chicken

Prepared exactly the way they do in Taiwan, Monga’s distinction is defined by its trusted recipe and its extra-thick chicken fillets. To ensure that their chicken meat is fresh and tender, Monga uses only fresh and not frozen chicken for their offerings.

Get your money’s worth as one whole fresh chicken can only make two pieces of Monga fried chicken cutlets – yes, it’s that huge. Every piece comprises only breast meat and is sliced precisely into a thick slice with a precision of 2cm. This ensures that the chicken fillet remains firm and satisfyingly juicy even after being deep-fried.

To distinguish itself further, Monga has mastered the art of preparing perfectly tender chicken breast meat. The brand uses honey instead of granulated sugar to marinate their chicken breast meat. The amylase in honey helps to tenderise the meat and elevates the taste of the chicken fillet.

Monga also prides itself for its ‘Golden Ratio’ of flour to meat born out of a lot of thought, months of hard work and repeated modifications. Each fillet is coated with the optimum amount of flour before being double-fried, giving it its characteristic crust-like crunch with no greasiness.

Savour Monga’s famous offerings

Every piece is made fresh and served piping hot! Expect three different flavours of fried chicken fillet in Singapore, The King S$6.90, which is dusted with original salt and pepper seasoning; Hot Chick S$6.90, which is dusted with chilli paprika powder hand-made from Anaheim peppers; and The Taiker S$6.90, which is dusted with Japanese sauce and seaweed powder imported from Okinawa.

To complete the set with a drink and/or fries, choose from different combo upgrades available.

Apart from the fried chicken favourites, relish in the variety of sides offered at the outlet.

For times when you are yearning for a quick snack, munch on their bite-sized Monga Nuggets 6pcs for S$5.90 and enjoy the crackling crispy Fried Chicken Skin S$3.90.

Go crazy with their trilogy of fries; Signature Fries S$2.90, Seaweed Fries S$3.50 and the crowd favourite Sweet Potato Fries with Plum Powder S$3.50.

There’s also Fried Broccoli S$3.50 and Fried King Oyster Mushrooms S$3.90 for those who fancy something different!

Good news! Monga ION and Monga JEM are also now available on major delivery platforms, Foodpanda and GrabFood so that diners can enjoy finger-licking fried chicken from the comforts of their home.

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