[F&B] Shikoku Gourmet Fair Arrives at Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café!

[F&B] Shikoku Gourmet Fair Arrives at Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café!

SINGAPORE, 19 August 2019 – This August, get ready to experience the diverse culinary culture of Shikoku with The Second Shikoku Gourmet Fair at SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Café. A charming island rich with history, nature, and cuisine, Shikoku is split into four prefectures — Kagawa, Kochi, Ehime and Tokushima, each with their own signature culinary highlights and unique attractions.

Ehime Prefecture

Sea bream is the representative fish of Ehime Prefecture, and diners can savour sea bream prepared Ehime-style in the Uwajima-style Tai Meshi ($15.80). Popular in the Uwajima region in Ehime, the locals love their sliced seabream sashimi atop a bed of hot Japanese rice, served with runny onsen egg and soy sauce.

Famous for their tonkurimabushi, a rice bowl of sweet chestnuts and succulent pork, SUN serves up the SUN-style Tonkuri Kamameshi ($22.80) with sliced pork and chestnuts steamed with seasoned rice in SUN’s signature metal pot. Everywhere you go in Ehime, it is easy to find the soul food from Ehime – the Jyako Katsu ($6.80). Get a bite of this popular snack of deep-fried cutlet made from seasoned minced fish paste and carrots.

Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa is the hometown of one of the world’s most famous udons, the Sanuki Udon. Slurp up the perfectly slippery and chewy Kagawa – Kakiage Hiyashi Sanuki Udon ($14.80) in a bowl of delicate dashi broth, served with crisp vegetable fritters. The people of Kagawa love their Anago Sukiyaki, and SUN serves up a SUN-style version with the Anago Sansho Sukiyaki ($26.80). Delicious deep-fried sliced sea eel is served in a sweet stock hotpot, along with assorted vegetables.

Kagawa is also the birthplace of olive cultivation in Japan, so diners can enjoy a wide variety of healthy and delicious foods with top-quality olives and olive oil. Slurp up the fragrant thin wheat olive noodles with sliced pork, eggplant, olives in the Nasu & Pork Olive Somen ($8.80).

Kochi Prefecture

Bonito, or katsuo, is a staple part of Kochi food culture. Tuck into the Katsuo Tataki ($15.80), and enjoy flame-seared Bonito fillet served with sliced onions, garlic, radish, spring onions and citrus soy sauce. One can find bonito foods in almost every store in Kochi, and one of the famous forms of bonito is ‘shuto’ – rich fermented and pickled Bonito tuna guts. Try the Ika & Ebi Shuto Yaki ($13.80), with sashimi grade prawns and squid marinated in ‘shuto’ for a unique savoury and umami flavor. Sear it just the way you like it over a mini table-top grill. Enjoy Kochi’s famed Bonito tuna in 2 styles, both flame-seared and deep-fried cutlets on a bed of Japanese rice in the Kochi – Katsu 2 Kind Don ($16.80).

Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima takes pride in its Tokushima Ramen, a rich and comforting bowl of pork bone-based broth with springy ramen noodles. Ramen lovers will be thrilled to try the SUN-style Tokushima Ramen ($16.80), which uses a white-based soup style made with pork bone stock and miso. The ramen is topped with tender sliced pork, spring onions, seasoned bamboo shoots and onsen egg. One of Takushima’s best soul foods is the regional Take Chikuwa Aburi ($10.80) – broiled seasoned fish paste on bamboo skewers, grilled to perfection.

Dessert & Drinks
Sink your teeth into sweet potato parfait heaven with the Daigaku Imo Parfait ($10.80)! Candied sweet potato fingers and crispy Japanese sweet potato chips with luscious vanilla ice cream parfait, layers of sponge, cornflakes and brown sugar syrup makes for a satisfying end-of-meal treat.

In this limited-edition Shikoku Fair Menu, diners can enjoy the fragrant Suntory’s Roku Gin, a tempting blend of six different Japanese botanicals in the refreshing Roku Gin Lychee Liqueur ($9.50).

The Second Shikoku Gourmet Fair Promotion
Say hello to Ehime Prefecture’s adorable official mascot, Mican! For two weekends only (31st August & 1st September, 14th & 15th September) from 1 – 2pm, Mican the mascot will be making its appearance at SUN. Stand a chance to win $50 worth of dining vouchers at SUN by taking part in the Instagram contest! Simply snap a photo with Mican, include the #sunwithmoon hashtag or tag @sunwithmoonsg for a chance to win.

Relish the authentic flavours of Shikoku cuisine at SUN with MOON Japanese Dining & Café, and enjoy the Second Shikoku Gourmet Fair Menu, available from now for a limited period of time.

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