[KPOP] Emerging K-pop Star Holland to Release New Single ‘I’m Not Afraid’

[KPOP] Emerging K-pop Star Holland to Release New Single ‘I’m Not Afraid’

Seoul, South Korea (July 6, 2018) – Today, South Korea’s first openly gay singer Holland has released his new single, “I’m Not Afraid.” This autobiographical track is the first volume of his new twin single album: “Holland Twin Single Project.”

Through the track, “I’m Not Afraid,” Holland unfolds his story of the journey in trying to find his own identity as an artist. Musically, this retro-pop styled EDM song successfully fuses a rush of bass and synth-driven sound, creating refreshing melodies. With every verse delivered with poise and verve, the 22-year-old singer whispers that he is no longer afraid to show the world who he truly is. As the keyword of this track (‘Afraid’) denotes, Holland shares his own fear and encourages others to embrace their true selves.

After making a debut in January as the first Korean singer to begin his career while openly addressing sexuality, Holland has quickly caught the attention of K-pop fans around the world, gaining a sizable following on social media. ‘Neverland,’ his debut single that depicts a same-sex romance between two men, brought a sensation to Korea where homosexuality is rarely addressed in pop culture – the music video garnered international attention, racking up over 9.6 million views on YouTube since its release. Recognized for his social influence, this revolutionary singer has been featured in medias like Billboard, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan, and was recently selected as the winner of the 2018 Dazed 100, winning over a number of Hollywood stars such as Sadie Sink and Millicent Simmonds.

The music video for Holland’s new single, “I’m Not Afraid,” is available to watch on Holland’s official YouTube channel. Further information about the second volume of the twin single album can be found on Holland’s social media accounts.

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