[LIFESTYLE] Christmas Gifts That Any K-Pop Fan Will Love

We all know someone who is obsessed with K-pop idols. Or maybe, that someone is yourself! The season of gifting and celebrating is just around the corner again. Instead of buying some random meaningless gift, we trawled the online marketplaces and found some cool Christmas gift ideas that would make any avid K-pop fans scream with joy!

Personalised Printed K-pop Xmas Cards

What can be more joyous than SUPER JUNIOR or BTS dressed in cute festive outfits wishing you a Merry Christmas? Get them for your fangirls from thatkoreansite on Etsy or make them yourself if you have a flair for designing!

Autographed K-pop Albums

For die-hard fans, an autographed album is like having a personal piece of your idol in your possession. Surprise them with a much-coveted and hard to find autographed album! Some legitimate websites that sell these online are YesAsia and MWave.

Finger Heart Merchandise

If you have no idea what is a ‘finger heart’, you must be living under a rock. Korean celebrities started this trend as a convenient gesture of expressing their love and the popularity has since spread across Asia.

There are a multitude of merchandise that features this well-loved emoji – from pillows, earrings, tee-shirts, handphone cases to even cufflinks. Any K-pop fan will go ‘saranghae’!

K-pop Merchandise Subscription Box

This mystery K-pop box from Korea Box will definitely bring on the Christmas spirit! It is basically a box of goodies containing K-pop merchandise of your favourite group, packed and shipped all the way from Korea. There are so many to choose from – Big Bang, BTS, EXO, Seventeen, SHINee and more.

Unwrapping Christmas presents for ardent K-pop fans cannot get more exciting!

Official K-pop 2019 Calendars

Monthly calendars for avid K-pop fans to stan and stare at their idols all day long! Shipped directly from Korea, these official ‘Season’s Greetings’ calendars will set your hearts aflutter. They contain stickers, mini notepads, photo schedulers and sometimes even a small, exclusive memorabilia. Pre-order them from Mandu before they all get snatched up!

Customised Pop Art Portraits

These original portraits of K-pop idols created in pop art style will make a truly one-of-a-kind Christmas present for all K-pop fans. Measuring 25cm x 25cm, these original art prints come in a high-gloss acrylic finish and in a lightweight black wooden frame. Support local designers and get these commissioned pop art portraits by starwallz on Carousell!

Extravagant K-pop Inspired Nails

Imagine having Jimin from BTS at your fingertips, literally! PerfectlyNailed on Etsy makes these incredible fake press-on nails with your favourite K-pop idols on it. These temporary nails come in 3 lengths and can be easily applied via nail adhesive tabs. Cannot find your Bias in their available designs? No worries, they can customise anyone you want for Christmas.

Alternatively, take some inspiration from these awesome nail art designs on Pinterest and head to your favourite nail salon!

Handmade Logo Christmas Baubles

Usher in the holiday festivities with these Kpop-inspired Christmas ornaments! Choose from Girl’s Generation, SHINee, 24K, B.A.P and EXO or request to customise your own. Order these sparkly glittery baubles from EPiCCB on Etsy and add a little touch of magic to your Christmas tree.

K-pop Dance Lessons

Ones cannot be a true K-pop fan if you do not know the dance steps to your idol’s songs. Purchase a dance session and pick up some slick K-pop dance moves from popular dance schools in Singapore such as Dance Factory and O School. So, put on your dancing shoes and dance your way to Christmas!

Printed Handphone Casing

Just like new clothes to celebrate the festive season, your handphone deserves a new casing too. Of course, it has to be in the design of your beloved K-pop bands! Seller Casehobo on Carousell has a huge variety of designs of various bands and idols, available in sizes that fit most of the newer handphone models. Get a few if you cannot decide 🙂

K-pop Home Decor

Bring your oppa home for Christmas with K-pop home décor pieces from KPOPEMPORIUM! Simply choose your favourite picture and get them printed them onto your selected merchandise. From mugs, wall clocks, pillows, tapestries and even duvet covers, you can now spruce up your place for the year-end parties!

Let us know if you know of more awesome gifts for K-pop fans and share them with our readers below!

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