[LIFESTYLE] Last Minute Japanese-inspired Halloween Costume Ideas 2018

[LIFESTYLE] Last Minute Japanese-inspired Halloween Costume Ideas 2018

It is that time of the year again (31 October 2018) to put on scary or fancy costumes and have a great time. Yup you guessed it, Halloween is here! With its roots in pagan and Christian origins, Halloween was believed to be celebrated to mark the end of harvest and to remember the dead.

In Singapore, it is more of a day to dress up in the most extravagant or ridiculous outfits, all in the name of having fun. Fans of all-things-Japanese, we hear you. Below, we have compiled a list of Japanese-inspired Halloween costume ideas from cosplay-inspired to frightening ones! Halloween away!

Pikachu Costume

Believe us, you will be the centre of attraction at any Halloween parties if you appear as Pikachu and everyone will want to catch you, literally. The Pokemon craze that hit Singapore, which is still going strong, is proof of its popularity!

Note: Opt for the inflatable Pikachu costume. The better-quality hard mascot outfit is extremely hot and may pose accessibility problems.

Harajuku Fashion Costume

In actual fact, Harajuku fashion is a fashion style worn to express individuality in our conformist society. However, because of its flamboyance and attention-grabbing nature, this style is definitely fit for Halloween.

Popular styles of Harajuku fashion include Lolita, Visual Kei (Gothic flamboyance), Decora Kei (bright and loud with over-the-top accessories), Guro Lolita (gruesome yet cute dolls), Kogyaru (cute Japanese schoolgirl uniform) and Shiro-nuri (painted white skin). Take your pick and be a Harajuku fashionista!

Noppera-bo Costume

To be honest, this scares the wits out of us. The Noppera-bo (faceless ghost) is a mythical Japanese creature that are shape shifters disguised as ordinary humans. They are known for scaring humans by revealing their featureless faces.

This costume idea is terrifying but at the same time, rather easy to replicate. Just buy a faceless mask from the costume shops or wrap white medical gauze all around your face! If you are taking a taxi or public transport with this faceless get-up, we seriously do not wish to bump into you.

Sadako Costume

This is one of the scariest and most popular Japanese horror films ever. If you have not watched it, Sadako is the vengeful spirit of a young girl who drowned in a well and she takes revenge by killing those who watch the video. We are pretty sure everyone can remember that traumatising scene where she crawled out of the television set.

This is another easy-to-make costume. Just get a white dress and wear a long, black wig backwards! Even better, hold a VHS tape and pass it around.

Japanese Superhero Costumes

If you grew up watching Ultraman or Power Rangers, and you have been wishing to be in their heroic shoes someday, now is your time! Channel the superhero in you and save the world from evil!

These two costumes can be bought easily from costume shops or online costume retailers. Just zip them up and you are on your way to an extraordinary night. Also, be prepared for a crazy amount of people wanting to take pictures with you.

Japanese Samurai Costume

Summon your inner warrior with a Samurai costume! Known for their bravery and fighting prowess, the powerful samurais gave up their swords some 150 years ago.

However, you can continue the legacy and be a samurai for a night. Be a protector of your group (your friends will love you for that) and lead the way into an unforgettable night! Easily available from reputable costume shops, the Samurai costume is fun, masculine and unique.

Japanese Food Costumes

Japan is world-renowned for its food. What can be a better way to portray your love for Japan than to dress up as a piece of Sushi or a bowl of Ramen? Given Singaporeans’ passion for food, Japanese food-inspired costumes will definitely be a hit with both your friends and strangers!

The easiest costume to make would probably be sushi. It will be hilarious if a group of friends dress up as a platter of sushi. To be a salmon nigiri, all you need is an orange cushion, white tape and black cloth for seaweed. Simply change the fabric colour for different types of sushi rolls.

Sumo Wrestler Costume

The Sumo Wrestler is quintessentially Japanese. Seemingly comical to the outside world, sumo wrestlers are actually very respected and highly-regarded in Japan. Intrigued by the whole sumo sport? Don on the Sumo inflatable costume and you can be a wrestler for a day too!

This costume guarantees a lot of fun and laughter, and is possibly the closest you can come to walking around seemingly unclothed.

Of course, other Japanese-inspired outfit ideas include being a beautiful Geisha, Sailor Moon, Cosplay characters, the classic Super Mario, sneaky Ninjas and more. Do you have other Japanese-themed costume idea? Share them with us below!


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