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Burger+ aims to uplift the enjoyment of gourmet burger. Burgers plus more! Burger+ is a lifestyle. Let’s get bigger, bolder and better. We are the first Korean brand in Singapore to provide a premium fast food burger experience with beer and wine as…

Jjigae is a bubbling hot pot of soul-satisfying seasoned broth with a variety of ingredients ranging from vegetables and meat to unlikely ingredients like sausages and baked beans in the popular budae jjigae. The Korean stew is communal, an…

Sunny Korean Cuisine offers up a menu of authentic Korean dishes for patrons to savour. Sup on delights like bibimbap, ramyeon, sizzling bulgogi, and plenty more while enjoying a quaint and cosy eating environment.

This is a Korean Fast Fashion brand made for contemporary, unique and stylish people who are passionate and positive. Now it’s time to connect.

Singapore MEIDI-YA Supermarket is the second overseas branch of MEIDI-YA following the first store in Amsterdam, Holland. Our motion “More Than Just Freshness” refers not only to the freshness and delicious taste of our food but also to…