[RETAIL] JR East to launch New Pop-up “INSPIRATION STORE” at SMRT Orchard Xchange

[RETAIL] JR East to launch New Pop-up “INSPIRATION STORE” at SMRT Orchard Xchange

First Seasonal Theme: “Love Forest”, 17th Dec-5th Jan

SINGAPORE- 14 December 2018, East Japan Railway Company (JR East) is pleased to announce the launch of its pop-up “INSPIRATION STORE” in one of the retail units at Orchard Xchange. The brand new initiative marks the first time for JR East Singapore to operate at the station retail facilities of SMRT Experience.

Located at Basement 1 of Orchard Xchange in the Orchard MRT Station, the promotional platform will stay for a period of 9 months starting from 17th December 2018 till 31st August 2019. This new project will serve as a multi-sensory platform that transforms throughout the period, showcasing various unique Japanese themes and displays. Focusing on “Experience”, “Sustainability” and “Community”, the concept store will be inviting local and Japanese renowned artists, craftsmen, designers and even chefs to make special appearances from
time to time to showcase and share their insights, while engaging the public.

“Through this pop-up project at one of Singapore’s most popular stations, JR East hopes to create a new kind of interactive space for the daily commuters. The main focus is not just about selling Japanese food and merchandise; it is about selling “inspiration”. Any person can come by to ‘buy’ it by using their time to experience. Subsequently, we hope to produce more variations of collaboration through mixing and matching different themes and persons from both Japan and Singapore. With this new concept store as a starting point, we want to present a new platform for everyone to communicate new inspirations and ideas”, said
Takeshi Mitsui, Director of Lifestyle Business Unit, JR EAST Singapore.

Ms Yuna Tanaka

The project will kick off with the “Love Forest” theme being the first of many to be launched. From 17th December till 5th January, the featured operating partner Happo-en will produce free workshops designed by Ms Yuna Tanaka, an aspiring contemporary artist from Hiroshima City University. Attendees can learn to make special wooden Christmas ornaments using Japanese Kumiko (interlocking joint-wood) technique, decorate with their personal messages and hang them on the Christmas tree. The culmination of both creative craft and expressive messages through a collaborative effort from the community will be the key idea behind this
introductory theme.

Opening Date: 17th December 2018
Operating period: Dec 2018-Aug 2019
Address: Orchard MRT Xchange, Basement 1 Unit no. 30
Operating hours: 10.30am-8.30pm daily (May close on certain days during theme transitions)
Layout/content schedule: Changes every few months
Introductory theme: “Love Forest”— 17th Dec 2018- 5th Jan 2019

For updates, refer to the official facebook page of “INSPIRATION STORE”: https://www.facebook.com/inspirationstoreorchard

About JR EAST Group
The operator for trains including Shinkansen (high speed bullet train) in the East region of Japan, East Japan Railway Company (JR East) is the largest passenger railway company in Japan, serving about 17 million passengers daily. Apart from the main railway business, JR East Group also operates a variety of lifestyle businesses such as shopping malls, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, as well as office building management. In Singapore, JR East has a presence for its lifestyle business unit with the establishment of JAPAN RAIL CAFE
since 2016.

Official Website: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/

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