[LIFESTYLE] Where To Learn K-pop Dance In Singapore

[LIFESTYLE] Where To Learn K-pop Dance In Singapore

After nearly 15 years of the Korean pop music wave (Hallyu we call it) sweeping the globe and amassing millions of fans from probably every demographic group, the K-pop trend is still as popular. In fact, K-pop has garnered such a huge fanbase that it has spawned new trends in terms of beauty and lifestyle.

For obvious reasons, it is hardly surprising that there are many dance schools in Singapore offering K-pop Dance lessons. If you still have not tried this highly addictive dance form, you are missing out some serious fun. No time is better than now I say! Here are 7 dance schools in Singapore (in no particular order) where you can pick up some slick K-pop dance moves.

K-pop Performing Class by DF Academy

Performance put up by DF Academy. Source

DF Academy is an established Hip Hop & K-Pop Performing Dance School with 2 studios and 7 partnering studios in Singapore. They have taught close to a thousand students so far, from children to adults.

For the K-pop performing classes, you will be taught a long routine consisting of choreography and formations following the exact same dance steps done by the original artistes themselves. They will also breakdown dance techniques and teach you showmanship so that students can perform to popular K-pop tunes.

Classes here are conducted by professional dance instructors who had performed in numerous events and some had even won competitions. With every dance class capped at a maximum of 15 students, every individual will receive sufficient attention for optimal learning.

Price: $50 for 4 lessons.
Schedule: https://dfacademy.com.sg/class-schedules-2/
Address: https://dfacademy.com.sg/locations/
Website: https://dfacademy.com.sg/

K-pop Dance Basics by Beatfactory Fitness

The spacious Beatfactory studio. Source

Conveniently located in the heart of the CBD area, this K-pop Dance Basics class by Beatfactory Fitness is a choreography-based class that is suitable for beginners.

Many K-pop fans have been mesmerised by the flashy costumes and popular dance steps of K-pop music. If you are one of them, look no further. The experienced dance instructors here will not only guide and motivate students throughout the course, they will also ensure that you have great fun!

This dance school advocates an inclusive, encouraging and fun environment; where everyone can dance and be themselves. With this class, you too can sing and dance to the trendiest catchy K-Pop songs in no time.

Price: Starts from $10 for a trial lesson.
Schedule: http://www.beatfactoryfitness.com/pricing
Address: 144 Robinson Road, #05-02, Robinson Square, Singapore 068908
Website: http://www.beatfactoryfitness.com/

BLACKPINK Master Class By K-Academy

Students learning intently during one of their past K-pop classes. Source

Calling all hardcore fans of the chart-topping female girl group – BLACKPINK! K-Academy is holding a special Master Class to teach the detailed dance choreographies to their international hits such as ‘Ddu Du Ddu Du’, ‘Boombayah’ and more. Isn’t that exciting?!!

Founded by 2 passionate K-Pop dancers, they believe that K-pop is more than just choreography. This dance school do not just teach you how to dance, they want to teach you how to perform like an artiste. From how you carry yourself on stage, your facial expressions, down to how you flick that wrist at the end of the song.

It may be kind of scary for first-time dancers, but no one is going to judge you. Put on your best BLACKPINK attire, go try it and just have fun!

Price: From $99 for 8 sessions
Schedule: https://www.kacademysg.com/booking-of-class/blackpink-master-class-thursday
Address: 19, Kent Ridge Crescent, #5-412, Raffles Hall, Singapore 119278
Website: https://www.kacademysg.com

K Urban by Dance Factory

The dedicated dance instructors at Dance Factory. Source

Dance Factory, a member of Dancepointe Academy Singapore, was established since 2008 and converted into a pure K-pop dance school in 2017 with 12 studios islandwide. They have a wide variety of K-pop dance classes but if you prefer an R&B touch, the K Urban dance course is suitable for you!

K Urban focuses on the sensitive and sensual side of hip hop. Students get introduced to smooth, sleek & swift choreography that seeks to tell a story in the dance. Of course, the classes are taught using catchy Korean so that everyone can have fun and learn to dance like their idols.

Choreographed by the instructor himself, this is what we call new school dance style!

Price: $50 for 4 lessons.
Schedule: https://www.dancefactory.sg/kpop-class-schedule
Address: https://www.dancefactory.sg/contact-us
Website: https://www.dancefactory.sg/

K-pop Dance MTV by Stepping Out Studios

Posing together after a fun dance class. Source

Formed in 2014, Stepping Out Studios is home to a community-based dance organisation which seeks to create a vibrant dance culture for everyone to engage with dance, be it professionally, for exercise or for leisure.

If you love watching the synchronized groovy dance moves of K-pop MTVs but you think it is too much hassle to learn, this is the perfect class for you. Let the instructor break down the seemingly complicated choreography and teach you how to get your body moving just like your favourite Korean group!

Even if you have zero dance background, fret not, because the friendly instructors here promise a non-intimidating and fun time for everyone.

Price: Starts from $15 for a trial lesson.
Schedule: https://lessonsgowhere.com.sg/kpop-dance-class/k-pop-mtv#.W0zoh6SFPIU
Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #08-05, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
Website: http://www.steppingoutstudios.com.sg/adult-classes/

K*Pop-Up! by CJ School of Performing Arts

Students dancing their hearts out during class. Source

They call themselves the leading K-Pop school in Singapore and they have the credentials to back that up. Founded in 2006, the CJ dance crew has been showcased in Korea and Germany, and they have performed alongside international celebrities such as B2ST, BtoB and Jolin Tsai.

If you are looking for a fun K-pop dance classes with no commitment due to school or work, the K*Pop-Up! is perfect for you. This is a newly launched weekly open class where you can learn iconic K-pop MV dance steps to different songs every week. Yes, you do not have to sign up for the entire course!

With a good reputation and a friendly, non-intimidating environment, you will definitely enjoy the K-pop dance experience.

Price: Not available online. Enquire at hello@celinejessandra.com
Schedule: https://www.celinejessandraschool.com/timetable
Address: 203A Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre Novena, Singapore 307638
Website: https://www.facebook.com/cjschoolofperformingarts

K-pop Open Class Level 1 by O School

The experienced dance coaches of O School. Source

O School is one of the oldest and more reputable dance schools in Singapore. They have been around since 2006, and their goal is to develop young dance talents and assist them to build sustainable careers through various programmes and events.

This school’s K-pop open classes are structured in a way to help dancers, whether you are a beginner or a professional, to develop dance techniques, muscle memory and performance quality. Each session consists of 4 parts – Warm-up (10mins), Technique Drills (20mins), Dance Routine (25mins) and Performance (5mins).

With a crew of experienced and fun dance coaches, we are confident that you will soon be moving those legs and hips to memorable K-pop dance choreographies!

Price: Starts from $14 for 1 dance credit.
Schedule: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/mainclass?fl=true&tabID=7
Address: 2 Orchard Link, *SCAPE, #04-04, Singapore 237978
Website: https://www.oschool.com.sg

K-pop is addictive, ridiculously fun and impossible to forget. If you do not love K-pop already, give these K-pop dance classes a try and you will understand the craze. You might even pick up some Korean language as you sing along to the catchy tunes. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to whip out some sleek K-pop dance moves!

If you know of more dance schools who teach K-pop classes, do let us know in the comments below!


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